Third World Goes Forth in Somaliland

Apologies all for the long delay in blogging; normal service will now resume. Third World Goes Forth is currently in Somaliland, the unrecognised breakaway republic nestled in the North West corner of the failed state that is Somalia. Somaliland, however, is not a failed state; it’s got a government, a currency, and the best internet connection in the Horn of Africa.

Somaliland’s just celebrated it’s 20th anniversary, in some style, with a huge military parade and thousands and thousands of cheering Somalilanders along the main avenue. But like the geeky kid at school who throws a party that no one comes to, Somaliland celebrated alone;  the international community have put all their eggs in the basketcase that is the Somalia Transitional Federal Government, a body which controls a small patch of territory in Mogadishu, with the help of the African Union, and does little else.

It’s an interesting place to think about the concept of soveriegnty, and its limitations; as soon as we have some insight, we’ll let you know.


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