The Day of Reckoning

The calm before the storm. Even in a revolution, Cairo does not wake up early, especially not on a Friday morning. The streets are calm but the atmosphere is tense; this is the Day of Departure, as the opposition have billed it; the day when they expect Mubarak to leave. Otherwise…well, that I’m not sure there is an otherwise. No one I’ve spoken to has given me a convincing plan B. It’s all or nothing today, and they’ll be hoping for a turnout so overwhelming that Mubarak has simply no choice but to leave. But Mubarak, supposedly safe in Sharm el Sheikh, will be far from the action; is he likely to be bowed by a show of mass support for the opposition?

And the opposition themselves need not just support from the masses, but a more active role for their leaders. There have been some famous faces at the protests, including Egyptian movie stars and other celebrities – I saw Nawal el Sadaawi, the author, on Wednesday in the square, coming out of a mosque. A Muslim Brotherhood activist whom I was speaking to observed: “She hates Islam. She’s only in the mosque or the WC.”

But where has Mohamed ElBaradei been for the last few days? Not in Tahrir. Where have the other leaders of the main opposition groups been? Apparently, they’ve been meeting and planning behind the scenes. Well, today is the day they need to show themselves in the square and stand arm in arm with the people they want to represent.

By the end of the day, we should know which way the wind is blowing, and where Egypt future lies.

VERDICT: The revolution goes forth. Viva la revolution.



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  1. Alison Harley

    Your publications make gripping reading. What is the feeling amongst anti Mubarak Egyptians about the viability of the main opposition groups in such volatile times, and their approach to relations with the west? Hope you are keeping safe.

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