Third World Goes Forth goes to Egypt

For the next five days Third World Goes Forth will be reporting from Cairo.



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3 responses to “Third World Goes Forth goes to Egypt

  1. Doris

    We await first-hand accounts with bated breath.

  2. anne stanford

    Good decision. These analytical pieces make fascinating reading and you can’t not be there.

  3. axmaday Xaaji

    Dear Simon,
    I have been following your writings on this blog. Good stuff. But one thing did surprise me after I have read , Somaliland:The little Nation that could.
    It surprised me not because the context was not right or wrong, but the information was not complete. It was to me as a colonial officer from the British time returned to the area, where he or she once regarded as his. When you regard something as yours, many small details, that are very important slips away or ar unnoticed. Somaliland is not Hargeisa and its people alone. When the elite in Hargeisa speak about Somaliland and when someone from far away speaks over Somaliland differ in their context a lot. What I would like to convey to you into my Message is that what one part of the former British Somaliland call an Independence day like the places, where you have visited such as Hargeisa, is called in other parts of the regions The Garbage Day, so I would appreciate if you could go as a journalist the regions of Sool, Eastern Sanaag and Ayn regions, which are all part of the former British Colony. In this real world Somalia will always be one nation under one Blue Flag.
    Thanks for your patience.
    Axmaday Xaaji

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