Fifa to go 4th if it bans vuvuzelas

South Africa loves vuvuzelas. (Image courtesy of Reuters)

There are increasingly persistent rumours of Fifa looking at banning vuvuzelas from World Cup matches in South Africa, due to their supposedly annoying and distracting nature. The very idea of this is unacceptable. As the world has bellowed loud and clear over the last few weeks, this is Africa’s first world cup. It is an African World Cup, put by South Africans for the rest of the world and is something to be proud of. Well, bad news for Fifa – an African World Cup means that African traditions are an inevitable part of it, and that includes vuvuzelas! Banning the infamous horn is unthinkable and would only show an imperialist, West-is-best way of thinking dominating the World Cup and completely defeating the purpose of this beautiful mission.

While most players have remained mute on the subject, Jamie Carragher, of the English Team, has come out in defence of the plastic trumpet. He says “I didn’t notice the Vuvuzelas too much when I came on but I think you notice it more when you are watching” and adds, “What would you rather hear, the coarse swearing from the fans at an everyday Premier League match in England?” Thank you Jamie!

For the moment, Fifa has said it will only ban the vuvuzelas if it finds grounds to do so, such as if they are thrown onto the pitch or used as weapons (because us barbaric Africans want to turn everything into a weapon?). Sepp Blatter tweeted earlier today “To answer all your messages re the Vuvuzelas. I have always said that Africa has a different rhythm, a different sound. I don’t see banning the music traditions of fans in their own country. Would you want to see a ban on the fan traditions in your country?” Let’s hope Blatter’s view prevails as the calls from international journalists and fussy foreign fans grow to remove our favourite instrument from the games entirely.

Simply because the vuvuzela is not something European fans are used to doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be allowed. Surely there are people who find the off tune singing of fans in Europe or the drumming and drunken shenanigans of English fans annoying too? These things will never be banned and neither should South Africa’s beloved vuvuzela.



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2 responses to “Fifa to go 4th if it bans vuvuzelas

  1. Phred

    Viva Vuvuzela!

    • Hang on a second? Whilst I consider myself part of the “Viva vuvuzela” camp, I don’t see how it’s only “supposedly annoying and distracting”. Perhaps you’ve been too close to one for too long recently and now can’t hear it?

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