Malema kisses Boer, goes 4th

Pink Moët: preferred drink of struggle heroes everywhere (Pic: Daily Maverick)

Of the many words that have been written about Julius Malema, not enough have been devoted to just how canny a political operator he is. After all, it’s been a tough few months for Julius Malema. First, a South African court banned the singing of “Kill the Boer”, the struggle song so beloved of Malema and his fellow struggle heroes in the ANC Youth League (what, Malema was only 13 in 1994?). Then, Malema was convicted of hate speech for saying that the woman who accused Jacob Zuma of rape had “a nice time”. He didn’t understand the conviction, or what the fuss was about – after all, the women had breakfast the next morning, so she must have enjoyed herself.

But now he’s back. In an elegantly simple move, he’s changed the lyrics of his favourite song to ”Kiss the Boer”, allowing him to keep on singing (watch it here). And if anyone complains, it’s all about reconciliation and inter-racial love. Alistair Campbell, watch and learn.


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