Nigerian politics takes its clothes off to go 4th

Another great leader in a great hat

Nowhere does politics better than Nigeria. Take this story. There’s a manhunt, there’s corruption, there’s money, there’s death threats. There’s even public nudity. Here are the very basics: former Governor Ibori, of Delta State, is being investigated for corruption. He’s on the run, but still able to fight back, loudly proclaiming his innocence and saying that this is just a witch hunt because the head of the investigating body – Chief Edwin Clark – wants the Delta State governorship (and is unseemingly close to President Jonathan). Supporting Ibori are hundreds of women from his hometown. They show their support by taking all their clothes off and marching down the street in protest. This is not as crazy as it sounds: in local tradition, a nude protest makes the evil intentions of one’s enemy rebound upon themselves. So whatever harm Clark wishes Ibori will come back to haunt him (or so the theory goes). And this has got Clark very worried indeed – he’s claiming that Ibori is trying to kill him, and cites a previous assassination attempt in 2008 as evidence to back his claim. We await the next development eagerly. Who needs Hollywood – or Nollywood – when politics is this much fun?


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